Do you want to earn your Bachelor’s degree and live the traditional American college experience? In partnership with Go Campus USA, UNISTUDY USA offers you the opportunity to study at an accredited university in the USA and gain much more than just an education. Our Academic and Athletic scholarships grant students access to a university education in the USA for much less than even domestic students pay. U.S. universities welcome international students onto their campuses to strengthen their student body and encourage a global education. As a result we are able to guarantee our applicants nine scholarship offers. The strength of your application will determine the offers you receive but you are guaranteed up to 60% off the cost of tuition, housing and food.

Who Is The Program For?

• Students in their last year of high school, recent high school graduates or university students in their first two years of study
• Students looking to earn a degree
• Students looking for a gap year program
• Open-minded students who are flexible on their study location
• All English levels welcome – ESL available

Program Benefits

• Guaranteed admission and on campus housing
• Access to accredited institutions
• Easy application and selection process
• Create a professional network in the USA
• Opportunity to work in the USA