Many international students begin their preparatory school or university careers in an ESL program. Even one semester of ESL can increase confidence and provide essential skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing for success in a demanding academic environment. We can place you in a number of accredited English programs in the U.S.

Edmonds Community College

Edmonds has partnered with Central Washington University since 1975 to offer bachelor’s degrees. Opportunities include: 20 National Science Foundation grants, service-learning projects with 57 community partners, and more than 75 cultural events for the public each year.

ELC English Language Center

At English Language Center (ELC) our celebration of diversity is not only represented through our international students but also through our course selection. International students who study at our schools in Santa Barbara, Boston or Los Angeles can choose from an extensive selection of English language courses.


At LASC learning English is much more than studying from textbooks. Students have many opportunities to use and practice English outside the classroom through field trips, parties, and extracurricular clubs. Students use their English to make new friends, travel, and have fun! Studying at LASC allows you to take advantage of California’s unparalleled natural beauty. […]


Enroll at our TALK schools in Atlanta, Aventura, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Miami Beach, or San Francisco and improve your English with our dedicated teachers and interactive classroom technology.